If you've made it this far down my portfolio, you might know that I love to backpack and talk about traveling. I would like to create a Youtube Channel, where I give advice on traveling (and possibly design).

This is a continuous work in progress (WIP), but I'm really passionate and excited about it, so I wanted to share with you my thoughts thus far.

Through this I want to become better at video editing and storytelling since I think that storytelling is one of the most important skills that a designer can have.

Youtube Channel Thumbnail@4x-8.png

I've done a lot of research around what content people would like to see and some ideas I had for future videos are:

  • What to Pack
  • 10 Travel Hacks
  • Reasons to Travel Solo
  • Safety Tips after Traveling
  • Safety Tips before Traveling
  • How to be Resourceful and scrappy
  • How to be Respectful while Traveling
  • How to Overcome the Fear of Being Alone
  • How to Overcome Post-Travel depression
  • I also want to spotlight solo backpackers of a different demographic (e.g. Black Solo Travelers - this came up in my research)

Here is a glimpse of my first unlisted video. I can't wait to watch this again next year and laugh at how much less awkward I've gotten in front of the camera and how much better I've gotten at video editing.

Also, you've made it to the last piece! Thank you for reading my portfolio! :)