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Never forget how much depends upon our ever bearing in mind not only our users in the wealthiest countries, but also the least of these.
— Jeffrey Zeldman


I received a Masters from the School of Design at Carnegie Mellon University. Most recently, I was UX Intern at Google and GE Digital, where I created web and mobile experiences. I also just received an official “Compostela” certificate for completing a 600-mile pilgrimage walk across Spain and France.


I hold a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Tufts University and worked as an Engineering Intern at both GE Aviation and the Department of Transportation. After graduation, I became an Interface Project Manager at Athenahealth. Then, I moved out to California to work in People Operations at Google. I left Google to backpack South East Asia by myself for over half a year.


Because of my experiences, I've learned how collaborate well with engineers, recruit a team of great people, and to be very scrappy and resourceful when designing. I also believe in user-centered design, play, and inclusivity. I like to advocate for design and stress that creative thinking is making connections between two things, not just artistic expressions. I hope continue designing for complex, but important problems that help the world become a more inclusive and equal place. I also like empower more people (especially women) to travel solo (see my Youtube Channel for tips).

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2018 Official ‘Compostela’ Certificate for my 600-mile pilgrimage across Spain

2017 Service Award, Carnegie Mellon University, School of Design

2013 Ricci Interdisciplinary Prize for Senior Design Project, Tufts University

2012 Selected to work onstage at the IEEE Award Ceremony