Due to my NDA, I am unable to share any specifics until the projects are publicly launch. If you have questions about my experiences at either Google or GE Digital, feel free to send me a message!


One of my features was released FALL 2018 and is the first mobile-first app on Google Classroom! It ensures that all students have a fair chance of speaking and sharing answers.

This past summer I was a UX Design Intern for Google for Education. As an intern, I worked with engineers, designers, UX researchers, and PMs to design mobile and web experiences for Google Classroom.

During my projects, I conducted exploratory and evaluative research, worked with UX research to create research protocols, prototypes, and user tests (both concepts and usability), designed mocks and iterated backed on user feedback and team critiques, and submitted bugs and accessibility considerations for screen readers.

Learn more at the Google (for Education) Blog

ge digital

During the summer of 2017, I was Design Intern for GE Digital in San Ramon, California. As an intern, I worked with engineers, designers and PMs to research, prototype, user test, and design multiple features for the Asset Performance Team.

Google (pEOPLE OPS)

I was working in People Operations for 2 years at Google. In addition to my normal responsibilities at Google, I designed and completed two side projects.

 01 | Training Guide Design

I noticed that my role, Recruiting Sourcing Specialist, didn't have a training guide, so I had to learn from many different sources when I first started. I wanted to make the transition easier for the next person, so I created a training guide for my team. 

 02 | Hiring Analysis Template Design

I designed and created a template to help streamline the yearly hiring analysis efforts for Google Pittsburgh, Cambridge, Boulder and Waterloo. This not only saved time, but also increased the accessibility and efficiency of the information. Additionally, I made the data sources easily accessible and went over my analysis with lead recruiters for each site.