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Never forget how much depends upon our ever bearing in mind not only our users in the wealthiest countries, but also the least of these.
— Jeffrey Zeldman

Hi, I'm denise.

I'm an Interaction Design graduate student from Allston studying at Carnegie Mellon University. Recently, I was working at GE Digital in San Ramon as a UX Design Intern.

I hold a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Tufts University and worked as an Engineering Intern at both GE Aviation and the Department of Transportation.

After graduation, I became an Interface Project Manager at the healthcare startup called athenahealth. Then, I moved out to California to work in People Operations at Google. I left Google to backpack South East Asia solo for over half a year.

When designing, I try to keep in mind that my users are not only those in the wealthiest countries, but also those in the least. Please feel free to email me with any thoughts!